Podcast Episode #2: The One About Open World Games

Hey guys! We did another one of these! A podcast! That you can listen to! With your ears! This time we are talking open world games, what makes them work, how they can fail, and why Final Fantasy XV is bad. Full show notes below the jump.

00:01 – 16:35 We have a quick catch up with what we’ve been playing recently. Pete has been getting back in Street Fighter V; Sean is struggling to love Persona 5 (but thanks to streaming restrictions he can’t show you why, which Tom talked about here, you’ll have to take his word for it); Tom rather enjoyed Cibele (less so Pete’s tangentially-related story); and because at least one of us must be annoyed at Nintendo at anyone time, Mike has been trying and failing to play Super Mario Run on a plane.

16:35 – 52:54 Our topic for the week is open world games! Not necessarily the best open world games, but what games use their open worlds to their best potential?

Thanks for listening, send us a message on Twitter if you have any thoughts, and you can now subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!


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