Bleeping Sickness BONUS EPISODE: The Special E3 Episode, Part 1

As a b-b-b-bonus Bleeping Sickness only one week after the last episode, we gathered together some of the internet’s hottest #content #influencers to break down this year’s E3 conference: what worked, what didn’t, how we feel about the dabbing panda. Full shownotes/links to our Twitter shitposts below!

FYI, apparently E3 brings out the foul mouths in us nice boys, so we draw your attention to the EXPLICIT tag on this episode (parental advisory, like we’re NWA (or House of Pain)).

01:00-11:00 Not time for a catch up, we gotta get straight to that sweet sweet content!! First up was EA, who showed off their annual franchises and then ruined their presentation of Star Wars: Battlefront II with some eSports nonsense. Mainly this section is us making fun of sports games and not caring about Battlefield 1, which appears to be the general consensus on the EA presentation!

11:40-52:00 Next was Microsoft, who wanted us to buy a car and learn how to enunciate the difference between “X” and “S” with greater clarity. But at least we might get a chance to play Jet Set Radio Future again now that backwards compatibility for original Xbox games is a thing. We don’t understand Forza. Then there were a bunch of games, which actually looked pretty good!

52:20-1:06:03 We finish up this first part with Bethesda, who didn’t actually announce all that much but what they did announce was innovative new ways of killing Nazis, so at least they at least nailed that part of the presentation!

Oh yeah baby, it’s a two parter! Like “Who Shot JR”! Like “Who Shot Mr Burns”! Except nobody got shot. We just worried that nobody would want to listen to two hours straight of Pete winding Mike up vis-à-vis Assassin’s Creed. Except the second episode of Bleeping Sickness: Gaiden: E3 Adventure later in the week.

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Tom Baker is a freelance culture writer and dog whisperer. More often than not, he's hungry and tired.

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