Bleeping Sickness BONUS EPISODE: The Special E3 Episode, Part 2

It’s the second of our Bleeping Sickness Bonus Episodes wrapping up the back half of the pre-E3 presentations! Did we almost write “12” instead of “2” in the title up there? You betcha, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is a dimensions where subjective linear time has no meaning and eSports is king. Chilling. Good thing we managed to condense it all down to an hour long show, eh. You can listen to part one here!

00:29-27:09 Right back into it with Ubisoft, who had some things to say about some things. Turns out Mario + Rabbids might be kind of excellent?? Who knew? Assassin’s Creed: Origins got shown off in the worst way possible, but that doesn’t stop Mike and Sean from being excited about it (and from Pete winding them both up). We’re a little dicey on what Far Cry 5 might turn out to be, but also, that dog steals guns. Tom is unfeasibly excited for Beyond Good and Evil 2, just like the rest of the internet.

27:16-55:30 Next up was Sony, who…didn’t seem to have all that much to show (Undertale and Superhot VR relegated to the pre-show? Well, you do need to give uh Monster Of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV its due, we guess), but Sean is excited about new Uncharted and the upcoming DLC which adds more subtitles to Horizon: Zero Dawn. We’re sceptical about Spider-Man, Shadow of the Colossus remade, but totally comfortable saying: fuck David Cage.

55:38-1:08:28 After that poor showing (presumably missing a big, delayed killer app like Red Dead 2), Nintendo had everything to play for…and they managed to win the conference within half an hour, without making a big fan fare, and just throwing out a couple of casual announcements fans have been clamouring after for years. No biggie. You magnificent bastards.

And that is the end of that! We’ll be back to your normally-schedule programming soon with an episode on our favourite video games villains. Until then, keep watching the skies! (Also follow us on Twitter, Soundcloud, and rate, review and subscribe on iTunes, if you’d be so good okay BYE FOR REAL).


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Tom Baker is a freelance culture writer and dog whisperer. More often than not, he's hungry and tired.

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