Podcast Episode #4: The One About Video Game Villains

There are no monsters in this story, only men. Also, monsters. The fourth episode of Bleeping Sickness is about our favourite video game villains and what exactly makes a good bad guy! Is that a contradiction in terms? Meh. Full show notes below the jump!

00:00-02:20 Just up top: this episode was recorded before our bumper E3 specials, so rest assured all of these great jokes were still extremely topical when we made them. You had to be there! It was a different time!

02:26-18:00 Our customary catch up. Pete is back on with Overwatch and Street Fighter V, Sean has returned to Horizon: Zero Dawn (last mentioned on the…first episode?) and tried out the Arms GLOBAL TEST PUNCH, Tom keeps up with current gaming trends by playing Far Cry 2, and Mike cops to catching up with 2016’s Doom and persisted with Final Fantasy XV despite all common sense.

18:15- 22:00 Pete, the Waluigi of the podcast, brings us onto our topic for the episode! His choice for one of the all-time greatest video game villains is M Bison, from Street Fighter. For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for him, it was Tuesday.

22:16-24:50 Mike holds a great deal of hate in his heart for Gary, or whatever you called your rival in the original GameBoy Pokemon titles. Might we recommend calling him “Butts,” so every time Professor Oak refers to his nephew, he calls him “butts.” Hilarious!

25:01-28:07 Tom remains deeply disturbed by Pyramid Head, the man whose head is a pyramid, from Silent Hill 2. Less so when he is removed from his very specific phallic-nightmare context. Mike agrees that he is not a nice boy, not one bit.

28:43-35:30 Sean speaks emotively on The Baron, from The Witcher 3, a game he might have mentioned once or twice. Maybe if the rest of us had committed the nine billion hours or w/e to that game, we would probably be obsessed with it as well. That Bloody Baron! Then he brings up Rafe Alder from Uncharted 4, who is an A-grade shit.

36:00-37:58 Pete brings up a mean man called Mike from The Last of Us, to a startled silence. Then we rank what are the worst kinds of paedophiles! It was quite warm during the recording and a couple of minutes prior to this point, you heard a beer can being opened. You figure it out.

38:00-44:00 Time to argue about Final Fantasy bad guys! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! The main event! Sephiroth kind of sucks, doesn’t he? Huh? Pete brings up Knuckles, as is his wont, and then Sean has a final go with Oryx from the Destiny expansion “The Taken King,” which neither Pete nor Tom understand but Mike gets stuck in with.

44:13-50:30 A final assessment of some of the biggies of video game villains, from Bowser to GLaDOS, and attempt to wrap up what exactly makes these memorable bad guys linger as they do.

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Tom Baker is a freelance culture writer and dog whisperer. More often than not, he's hungry and tired.

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