Podcast Episode #5: The One About Overwatch

Overwatch, ever heard of it? For the fifth episode of the Bleeping Sickness podcast we (including Special Guest Jess!) chat breeze about Blizzard’s little-known class-based multiplayer online shooter starring a monkey, a robot, and Dick Van Dyke’s character from Mary Poppins reincarnated into the body of a time-travelling queer woman.  Open up this loot box, chums, and it’s all friggin’ gold.

00:12-20:57 After a frankly fantastic introduction, and nobody will disagree, we go through what we’ve been playing this week. Like we do every episode. C’mon, it’s like a proper podcast with regular features and everything! Mike has been working through the Metro Redux and the Uncharted 2 remaster, Pete has been smashing through Transformers Devastation, Sean has some more thoughts about Horizon: Zero Dawn, Jess has been playing the delightful Topsoil, and Tom has been struggling through The Secret of Monkey Island.

21:07-29:45 The main topic of discussion today is Overwatch! The horny shooting game! First of all we run through our preferred characters and, thankfully, nobody outs themselves as a Hanzo main. Everybody loves to be Tracer, because Tracer is great, as is everybody’s trash son Junkrat.

30:00-45:22 What does Overwatch do that other competitive shooters don’t? That’s the question we are attempting to answer in this segment, with shout-outs to the similarly colourful and low-toxin community of Splatoon. Teamwork is nice, isn’t it, decide the people recording a group podcast.

46:00-1:09:00 Whoa listener engagement, that’s a fun new thing for us to try, we took some questions from our Twitter account and the Facebook community based around IGN’s “Prepare To Try”. Sorry we did not answer the weird sex ones, but, well, maybe not that sorry.

1:11:00-1:17:00 To wrap up, we talk about the characters we want to improve with. Maybe we need some professional training. Jess’s post on Overwatch‘s narrative is, indeed, live on the site now!

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Tom Baker is a freelance culture writer and dog whisperer. More often than not, he's hungry and tired.

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