The site

Bleeping Sickness is a videogame blog, of which there is a dearth on the internet. It will soon be a videogame podcast, too, which is similarly scarce. Ours have a marked lack of misogyny and more Britishisms, though!

The talent

tom-iconTom is a freelance writer. His first games console was a Sega Mega Drive he got for his birthday, which his dad stayed up all night “testing” before wrapping it back up. He is interested in the ability of games to explore personal narratives, indie nonsense, and the culture of gaming. He rarely tweets. Read all posts by Tom.

Ssean-iconean will probably write a bio soon. Won’t you, Sean? You would certainly hope so. He’s written enough words about Jonathan Blow, he could stand to write a few about himself. Read all posts by Sean.

pete-iconPete likes Sonic games, but that doesn’t mean you should discount all of his opinions. Just the ones he has about Sonic. He goes to great pains to explain he isn’t one of those Sonic fans. Whatever that means.

mike-iconMike has a background in games retail and journalism but doesn’t do that much of either anymore. He loves RPGs and action games, and probably talks about Final Fantasy too much. But not as much as Pete talks about Sonic. Not even close. He’s also on TwitterRead all posts by Mike.