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Experiencing Distant Worlds


This year two of the most consistently frustrating things in the world turn 30: the Final Fantasy series, and myself. It’s no exaggeration to say one of the two carries with it a legacy of euphoric highs and staggering lows (spoiler: it’s not me…mostly) but has one aspect which has remained solid from its inception in the late eighties to its modern day incarnations, and that’s the music.

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Give us a chance to learn

All games need a tutorial in some form, right? Teach the player the ropes, maybe throw in some simple early plot points; generally help the player settle in and ensure they don’t feel totally alienated right from the go. Unless you’re a Souls game I guess, in which case reverse all of the above.

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Nothing’s Ever Finished

The Life of Prompto

Depending on when you got around to listening to it, the version of The Life of Pablo you heard could be very different to the version I heard. Kanye West has been tinkering with his most recent record ever since he premiered it in February of this year, as the soundtrack to his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show at Madison Square Garden. He has re-recorded verses, changed beats, even subbed out Frank Ocean’s entire contribution to the hook of “Wolves” in favour of Sia and Vic Mensa (he fixed it!). It’s an approach to making and releasing music that’s entirely unprecedented in his industry, but one that’s immediately familiar to gamers.

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